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Innotrans 2014 - Big Red Shark by ZCochrane
Innotrans 2014 - Big Red Shark
I was asked to post something by Polish rail manufacturers Pesa and Newag. This should do nicely: A Pesa Link for DB Regio. 

This is a really big deal. DB does not have a lot of foreign-built trains in its fleet at all; the few that exist are mostly accidents of history. But two years ago, DB signed a huge framework contract with Pesa to deliver a huge number of Link trains in various configurations. This one is a short single part version, if I remember correctly for Bavaria. What I find the most fascinating are all the clearly polish details, like the maximum draw bar rating written below the coupler (something common on modern polish trains but never seen in Germany), or the font for all various labels, which is similar but not identical to the one used by DB normally. I wonder whether that is already the final version of this paint scheme, or whether the font will be changed.

That said, I'm not sure anyone will ever notice. The shark nose on these things overrules all other thoughts when seeing it. In fact, Czech railway company CD, who also has some of them, officially calls them RegioShark.

On the inside, I have to admit I'm not really impressed. The train isn't bad, but it has only very tiny windows, and DB's standard interior design does not look good at all when put in a train with tiny windows (not that this would ever stop them; their Alstom Coradia Continental trains, class 440, suffer the same condition).

For those of you keeping track: This is the second-worst spot to place trains at Innotrans. There are maybe two meters behind the train where you can walk; everything after that is fenced off, because that's where the people from the regular part of the show are packing up their stuff into big rental trucks. Makes it really hard to get a good angle on anything.
Innotrans 2014 - Siemens Desiro City Thameslink by ZCochrane
Innotrans 2014 - Siemens Desiro City Thameslink
There are a number of spots at Innotrans every year that just sic, because it's impossible to take a good picture. One of them is right at the main entrance: A roof over the area spends nice shade and makes it kind of impossible to properly light any train for any picture. This year, one of the four traditional victims is a Siemens Desiro City train, or rather a tiny part of it because the entire thing has a length of, if I remember correctly, infinity.

This type of train will soon take over all work on Thameslink, the regional train network in London centered around a north-south core connecting section. This is really pretty much what we in Germany call an S-Bahn train (though Thameslink is not the only network like that in London), so it is optimized for short station dwell times, quite a lot of standing place and so on. Sadly, it was not open to walk through.

By the way: I have a lot of pictures from Innotrans on my hard drive. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see next? Just leave a comment!
Innotrans 2014 - Alstom Coradia LINT 54 by ZCochrane
Innotrans 2014 - Alstom Coradia LINT 54
This train is very important to me personally, because starting this december (the second sunday of this december to be precise), it will take over most train services in my home region of south-east Germany. Specifically, it will run the service from Bad Harzburg via Goslar to Hanover, and from Goslar to Braunschweig. It will definitely be an improvement on the latter, which is currently run with tiny old class 628 trains ( Train to Goslar ), and which will also see higher frequencies. On the former, opinions are divided. It will replace two different trains: First are the class 612 trains ( Train and Industry ) on the Hannover-Halle line, which will be truncated to Goslar-Halle only. While these are actually faster than the new ones, nobody will miss them, as they're very unreliable, loud, uncomfortable, have no real passenger information system and are not at all accessible for people with reduced mobility. But they will also replace the classic sets of class 218 diesel locomotives with "Silberling" (type n) carriages ( Going to town ) which currently handle the Bad Harzburg-Hanover services. Many rail fans argue that these trains are more reliable and comfortable. Personally, I'm not one of them; I like things like level boarding, air conditioning or trains that aren't way too noisy. I will agree that I'm worried about capacity, though. A set of two LINT 54 will have more seats than a set of two 612s, and wider doors, but it will still have less seats than the n-type cars. This is a problem since the trains can get very full, especially for the part of the journey that connects Hanover with its suburbs such as Hildesheim.

As for the train itself, it's the newest version of Alstom's long-running LINT series of trains. The newest version meets newest crash safety standards, and in this version, is six meters longer per car. It also consists of two separate cars with their own trucks each, while the smaller version is articulated. Fairly identical trains are running in the Cologne area for DB, for no discernible reason marketed as "Vareo" (yeah, I know it's an acronym, but it's a stupid acronym so I'll pretend it isn't one). The one on the right will go to Rhineland-Palatia and run as "Vlexx", a term that means nothing I can think of anyway. Vlexx is a subsidiary of Netinera, which used to be Arriva Germany. The one on the left is the one for my home, and has the colors of the DMU pool of the state of Lower Saxony. It will be operated by Erixx, another subsidiary of Netinera, which will add its own color accents in lilac on top, and yes, that looks as horrible as it sounds. ( Erixx LINT )


Torsten Kammer
Artist | Student | Photography
I am a railroad enthusiast. I'm also a computer enthusiast, but my products there don't make pictures anywhere near as nice. My photography is generally amateur level. I hope to get good enough to be a "Pro-sumer" one day.

Oh, and I write way too much in image descriptions. So if you want to know more, and particularly if not, that's the place.

Way too much stuff in my deviant watch thing right now, damn. To cut down on it, I've unwatched a few people (mostly ones who I haven't interacted with in a long time) and left a few groups, especially ones that favored quantity over quality, because I literally don't have the time to go through it all. If you're one of the targeted people, sorry! It's nothing personal. By the way, the process isn't done yet; in particular, I haven't looked at any of the pictures from the people I do still follow yet, and it may be a while until I get round to it.

In other news, I'm on tumblr now:

It may not be necessarily that relevant to your interests, but I haven't cared about that before and I sure as hell am not going to start now. Feel free to look around and say hi!

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